*You can reference our custom coating price levels at the bottom of this form.*

Price Level 1

  • This is the basis for all of our entry-level pricing. Single colors for either the full firearm or applicable components. We only offer factory colors in this level, which include some metallic colors. Available in matte, satin, and gloss finishes.

Price Level 2

  • Factory Multi-Color This includes up to three factory colors used on one project.

    Custom Metallic –Unlike the KG 2500 metallic finishes, our custom metallic finishes are created by pigments we mix into KG clear. Rest assured, this does not affect the performance of the KG product.

    Custom Mix –These are custom blends of factory colors. We keep records of the formula so they can be replicated in the future.

    Text-Only Stencils –Apply text to the side of your firearm in a variety of available fonts. We will not apply vulgar or very derogatory terms or anything related to organized extremist groups. Offensive subject matter is only done at our discretion.

Price Level 3

  • Battle-Worn – This is a technique where two colors are applied and the top color is artificially worn off. These finishes can be done to varying degrees. Color pairs with high contrast work best for this type of finish.

    Freehand Camo – This is done with random shaped stencils in a random pattern. It is done in two or three colors of your choosing with a splatter effect over the pattern. Available in any color.

    Splatters – Droplets of material are shot onto the part. The size of the drops will vary.

    Bone Look – This is an effect that can be used to make white surfaces look like aged bones. It can also create a sepia filter effect on airbrushed work.

    Simple Stencil – These are cut from our library or a stock image and have inside shapes (holes) larger than 1/8in. A common example would be a silhouette.

Price Level 1

  • 3 Color Flag – Flags can be in factory colors or custom metallic. Effects like shading, old paper look, fades, and splatter can also be added over the pattern.

    Complex Air Brush Work – Effects like “deep space” or Real Fire™ or textures with multiple transparent colors.

    Complex Stencil – These stencils are anything with internal features smaller than 1/8 of an inch. This includes anything generated form a scan or image file. We do have limitation in the amount of detail that we can provide in a stencil. If the design it too small, it will not be seen. A common Complex Stencil would be Kryptek and Digital Camo.