As much as we like to give our customers what they want, there are a few things we cannot do. Understanding legal configurations can be a challenge. Definitions vary between states and ATF rulings update periodically.

When coating we are not able to make a nuzzle device orange, this would be considered trying to make a real firearm look like a toy.

When dealing with 80% lowers remember that ONLY the owner of the receiver can finish the machining operations. This is a firearm for personal use and cannot be sold. If you bring us a completed 80% lower for coating your name will be entered into our records as the manufacturer. It is strongly recommended that you stamp some kind of identifying number in your complete lower, the number stamped in the metal is not going to magically create a registration.

Many people enjoy piecing together their own custom gun, the modularity of the AR platform makes it a favorite choice for customization. This also makes it very easy to construct an NFA item weather intentionally or not so please be very careful. Buying a 10.5in barrel upper half and attaching it to a rife lower half makes a Short-Barreled Rifle (SBR). It is illegal unless the registration form is completed and the lower marked correctly.

Any rifle that has a stock designed to be held to the shoulder MUST have a barrel that measures 16in from the breach face to the end of the muzzle. Permanente devices (pinned and welded) count as length, removable (crush washer) do not.

We absolutely WILL NOT machine anything on an 80% receiver, WILL NOT modify anything to make it full auto or select fire, WILL NOT sell the parts required for automatic fire and WILL NOT assist in any kind of illegal transfer. There may be good reason to disagree with a law but we cannot break laws and expect to stay in business to serve you.

If you are not sure about something feel free to ask, we do our best to keep up with relevant changes and if we don’t know we want to find out.

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