Refinishing is a great way to customize your weapon while protecting it from damage. The finishes we use provide excellent chemical and corrosion protection even on internal components. The thin buildup allows most assemblies to function normally and there is a dry lube effect. Things to look out for are extreme heat (suppressors) and adhesives. If you have a can that is expected to get glowing hot then we can provide options. Be aware that there is a mold release effect which makes it difficult for grip tapes to stick.

If you have an older gun with a worn finish or one that is showing signs of rust, we can help! The standard refinishing process is a great way to preserve the exterior of a weapon. The color gun metal blue gives the look of a well-polished traditional bluing job. If there is minor pitting, we usually do not use filler and allow the coating to adhere direct to metal. This halts the rust and protects from future corrosion. If there are large pits or scratches, we will evaluate them and provide you with options.


Combining an exterior refinish job with a complete cleaning of the gun, including the wood, and coating internal components as applicable is what we call a restoration. This could also include refinish of sights, wood crack repair, repair or replacement of screws, and replacement of worn parts or springs.

Other services that may be helpful while restoring a gun are:

  • Bore and/or chamber polishing – The bore can be polished with a non-embedding compound that removes fowling and helps smooth the surface to slow future fowling.
  • Headspace measurement – Headspace measurement is never a bad idea on an old action that may have unknown wear or modifications.
  • Chamber/throat measurement – If a heavy use is suspected, inspection and measurement of the chamber and throat area is a good idea. Barrels wear most around the throat or beginning of the rifling. We can re-barrel many models if needed and then refinish the whole thing for a perfect match.

D3 Research is experienced in refinishing and restoring most models of pistols, revolvers, shotguns and rifles. There are several shops that provide quality finishing services the same way we do, but our focus is on helping you express yourself. We want to make your vision into a reality. We do enjoy a challenge so don’t be afraid to bring in those unique ideas!

*Please note – Turnaround times vary based on the condition of the order. Can range from 2 weeks to 8 weeks. We currently do not provide Parkerizing, Bluing, or external polishing.*

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