Private Owner Transfers

We are able to assist with private owner transfers for most firearms. There are, however, several rules and regulations that we must adhere to when assisting with any ownership transfers.


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (or ATF) ONLY allows transfers be made at our location or at a gun show. We will not meet at a private residence or parking lot to perform a transfer.


Currently in the State of Washington, all long guns with the exception of semi-automatic rifles are only able to be sold and transferred after an NICS background check has been completed. If your background check gets a “Proceed,” you will be able to take your gun home that day. Model and serial numbers are not submitted to any state agency.

Handguns and semi-automatic rifles use the state background check system and require a 10-day waiting period even if you have a concealed weapons permit. This requires an appointment to pick up the firearm after we are notified the background check has been complete.


  • Long Gunsa valid driver license or legal form of I.D. and fill out a 4473 form

  • Pistols & Revolvers – a valid driver license or legal form of I.D., a filled out 4473 form, and a state transfer application. If available, you must also provide your concealed weapons permit number.

  • Semi-Automatic Rifles – a valid driver license or legal form of I.D., a filled out 4473 form, a state transfer application, and proof of having completed the required training per Washington State Initiative 1639. If available, you must also provide your concealed weapons permit number.




$50 for the transfer + $18 state fee

*For all WAC shows, we will follow the pricing advertised by the event.


As the name implies, we at D3 Research have significant experience in R&D work. Both Rich and Lisa have experience at a national laboratory specializing in weapons development. We have experience working on all aspects of an experiment including:

  • Mechanical design and drawing
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Complex assembly and measurement
  • Diagnostic sensor incorporation
  • Pressure system design and fabrication
  • Designing mechanical components for other disciplines such as Electrical Engineering and Chemistry

With several years of professional mechanical engineering experience, we have the skills and expertise to assist with most aspects on any R&D projects, including:

  • Mechanical trouble shooting
  • Custom tool and fixture development
  • Experimental or Testing Setup
  • Prototyping

If you or your business are in need of any assistance regarding mechanical problem solving, experimentation, or testing, contact us today! We would love to be a part of your R&D process!

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